Step Up Your Look: 5 Ideas For Using A Ladder As Display Shelves

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There is no better way to step up your style than with some step ladder display shelves in your home. Step ladder display shelves are inexpensive and highly functional. They're great for reducing clutter, beautifying your space, and displaying anything you can think of. Here are some incredible ideas for using a ladder as display shelves.

1. Christmas Decorations

A fun Christmas step ladder is the perfect decoration for you home. It's simple and will look fabulous in any room in your house. Take an old wooden step ladder and paint it red and green. Once it is painted, you can use it for a variety of Christmas decorations. Hanging a beautiful ornament or snowflake from each rung is a simple and effective way to add to the step ladder. If you prefer to be non-traditional, you can create your own ladder Christmas Tree.

2. Books

Bookshelves are large, bulky, and heavy. Not everyone has room for a bookshelf in their home. Some people may not have enough books to warrant a bookshelf. If you have some books that you would like to display on something other than a bookshelf, a step ladder is the perfect place. You want to use a step ladder with wider rungs so the books don't topple over easily. It make even work better if you cut one side off of the step ladder and lean it against the wall. This way, you can control the angle that it leans at. Stack the books on the rungs. Bookends will help keep the books in place.

3. Fruit

While fruit bowls make nice center pieces, they don't tend to hold all of the fruit in your home. Many fruits don't require refrigeration, so putting them in your refrigerator just takes up much-needed space. Your step ladder shelves will create plenty of space for your fruit and give children in your home easy access to grab a quick snack. Set up a wooden ladder in your kitchen. To make the most shelves, cut it in half and lean each side against the wall next to each other. Place a wicker basket on each rung of your ladder and fill it with your fruit. Now your fruit is displayed beautifully and you don't have to worry about not having enough room for it.

4. Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom is another wonderful place for ladder display shelves. Place a ladder in your preferred space in your bathroom. Add metal baskets to shelves you want to add more items too. For example, you can fill a basket with toilet paper so a roll can always be found. You can roll up wash cloths and place them in another basket for family and guests. You can either display towels the same way, or just drape a few over a rung of the ladder. Lotions and soaps are a great idea as well.

5. Small Kitchen Appliances

While kitchen appliances won't generally fit on the rungs of a ladder, there is another great way to use it. Cut off one side of a wooden ladder, and use chains to hang it from the ceiling, parallel to the floor. Add a chain on each leg in the front, and on each leg in the back, using four chains total. Place a board across or just set large decorative baskets on top if you need to add items that will fall through the spaces between the rungs. You can put a crock pot, bread machine, a roaster, and other items you don't use often on it. It's a wonderful way to display, yet store items you don't need. It's an ideal idea for kitchens with limited storage and shelf space.


20 March 2015

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