How To Burglar-Proof Your Business


Locks aren't enough to keep out burglars. You need to add extra security to your business to keep it safe. Burglars know how to pick locks and hack into high quality equipment. People who want to get in bad enough will find a way. Here are some tips for burglar-proofing your business.

Install a silent alarm

Installing a burglar alarm is an obvious means of protection, but you want to install the right kind. Silent alarms are better if getting the burglar caught is important to you. Many will run at the sound of an alarm, which will protect your business as well. If having the person apprehended is important, install a silent alarm. He or she may think there is no alarm and hang out in your business too long. The police will show up before anyone realizes an alarm was triggered.

Burglar-proof windows

There are two ways to burglar proof the windows of your business. One way is to add bars to the windows. Obviously, it's a less attractive option, but even if someone breaks a window, no one will be able to fit through the bars.

Another way to burglar-proof is by changing all of the windows to a stronger material. Tempered glass for example is about five times stronger than regular glass. Tempered glass is created by heating glass nearly to melting point and then cooling it rapidly. It leaves a protective film over the window and strengthens it.

Acrylic windows are also a great option. Plexiglass is a common form of acrylic that is ten times stronger than a standard window. The best type that you can buy is polycarbonate. It offers 250 times the strength of safety glass and 20 times the strength of other transparent plastics.

Don't have any removable safes

Don't keep any removable safes in your business. A burglar can grab them and run, and then figure out how to open it later. Even if a burglar never gets the safe open, it will be missing from your possession. Make sure any safes inside the building are bolted securely to the wall or floor. Chances are, the police will arrive before the burglar gets the safe open.

Code your keys

Master keys are convenient, but they also make your business less secure. Not having a master key will make those with keys work a little harder but you will be able to rest more easily. If someone who is issued a master key loses the key, then it can end up in the wrong hands.

It's also important not to label your keys. Labeling your keys in a way that allows anyone to read them will make your business a target if the keys get lost. Code the keys so only employees can read them. This can include seemingly random numbers, letters, or a combination of the two. If keys get lost, no one will even know what they're used for.

Keyless entry

You can completely avoid handing out keys by having keyless entry. There are different types of locks to choose from including fingerprint recognition, eye scanner, and passcode. If you decide to go with a passcode, you can give the code to only managers that may need to unlock the door. It can be changed at any time if someone leaves the company. Fingerprints can also be added and removed as employees come and go. With fingerprint and eye recognition, you don't have to worry about someone else obtaining a key or a password.

There are many different ways to keep your business secure. It's important not to stop at simple door locks. Alarms and reinforced glass go a long way. Use precautions like bolting safes to the wall and coding keys if you use them at all. Check it out when you visit professional locksmiths in your area.


24 June 2015

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