5 Tips For Getting The Junk Removed From A Home You Are Purchasing

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If you are purchasing a home that has junk in the yard or inside the home, then you may be concerned about having the junk removed before or after you purchase the property. Whose responsibility it is to remove the junk can cause debates among buyers and sellers and, in some cases, put your bid at risk of being rejected. For that reason, it is important that you are informed about your options for junk removal when it comes to purchasing a used home. 

Know Your Local Laws 

Each state has different laws regarding how a property should be left when it is sold. Some states require the home to be known as "broom clean," meaning free of large debris, and other states require the home to be kept in a condition similar to the final viewing. This means that if the home was clean, except for the previous owner's personal belongings, the home should have the same level of cleanliness when the new owner takes possession. 

Knowing the local standards can help you anticipate whether the old owner might leave behind trash, junk, or old furniture and appliances that are not considered part of the sell. This can let you know if you need to start looking for a competent and inexpensive junk removal service before you close on the home. 

Get Your Agreement In Writing 

If you are concerned about the previous owner leaving behind junk or furniture when they move, you should talk to your real estate agent about getting junk removal listed as part of your agreement terms. In many cases, your best option will be to have a certain amount of the purchase price held in escrow until you take possession of the home. Once you have determined that the home is free of junk, you can release the money. Otherwise, the money can be used to pay a junk removal firm. 

You may want to get an estimate from a junk removal firm before writing your final contract to know how much money you should hold in escrow. 

Find a Removal Service You Trust 

As soon as you know that the home you are purchasing needs to have junk removed, you should contact several removal agencies for estimates and reviews. You should check that the company removes all items and is available when you need them. It is important to pick a company that will leave your home clean and undamaged so you can get started renovating or moving into your home as soon as possible. 

Don't Wait to Have Junk Removed 

In most cases, once you take possession of a home, the items left in it become yours. This allows you to remove them as soon as you would like without worrying about the old owner coming back for them. However, a few states have rules regarding items that may be owned by a third party, such as furniture that is under lease. Additionally, if the previous owner stays in the home after you close, they may be considered a tenant, in which case some states require you to keep their belongings in storage for a certain amount of time before you are allowed to get rid of them. If you are concerned about either of these situations, talk to your realtor before you schedule a junk pickup. 

Make the Most of Leftover Junk 

Many junk removal companies offer additional services such as sorting items and appraising items. If you think that the previous owner might have left behind some worthwhile items, you should opt for these additional services. Your junk removal company may find items that will pay for the cost of their service or more. 

If you purchase a home with junk in it, you should contact junk removal services for quick removal so you can move into a clean, fresh home. 


7 April 2016

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