5 Costly Mistakes Clients Make When Ordering Land Surveys

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If you need to get a survey of your property, you may be looking for ways to cut costs, such as gathering your own documents to help the surveyor begin your property assessment. However, the easiest way to save money is to avoid these common pitfalls that clients make when it comes to ordering a land survey. 

Ordering the Wrong Survey 

One mistake made by some clients when it comes to ordering a land survey is ordering the wrong type of survey. There are several different types of surveys, which reveal different features of the property such as boundaries, corners, and topographical features. Each of these different types of surveys are used for different purposes. If you order an in-depth site planning survey when all you need is a basic boundary survey to sell your property, then you are wasting money by ordering a more expensive and unnecessary survey. However, if you only order a boundary survey when you need an A.L.T.A. survey for your insurance, then you may have to have the survey redone. 

Before ordering a survey, make sure you know exactly what it includes and what you intend to use the information in the survey for.  

Waiting Too Long Before Ordering the Survey 

Depending on your location and the number of licensed surveyors available, you may have to wait several days or even weeks before a survey can be performed. If you need a survey immediately in order to stay on schedule to close on the sale of your property or start construction of a new building, then you will have to pay extra for expedited services. As soon as you start planning a project that may need a survey, you should start contacting surveyors and planning your survey. 

Choosing a Surveyor Based On a Low Bid 

In general, surveyors in the same area tend to have very similar fees for their services. If you receive an extremely low bid for a survey, it may be because the survey does not include the information that you need or because the surveyor is inexperienced or unlicensed. Any of these causes could result in an insufficient survey that has to be redone by a more experienced surveyor. More importantly, if your boundaries are registered incorrectly, an inaccurate survey could cost you valuable land space. 

Getting Rid of Existing Survey Markers

Property owners get rid of survey markers for various reasons. Sometimes, they simply do not know what they are and remove them. Sometimes, they remove them because they think that they are placed in the wrong place or hope that removing them will result in a different survey. Whatever the reason, if you remove survey markers, it is more difficult for a surveyor to make a proper survey of your property. This means they will need to take more time finding landmarks, which will end up costing you more. 

Ordering the Survey During Winter or Summer 

The cost of a survey will increase if it is difficult to read the terrain or find survey markers. This can happen during the winter if there happens to be snow and ice on the ground. However, it can also happen during the summer if your property is overgrown with greenery. The best time to order a survey is usually in the spring, after the last snow but before there is too much growth on your property. However, if you keep your property well-manicured, a summer or fall survey should not be as costly as a winter survey. 

If you avoid these five common mistakes, then you will likely get a fair price for the land survey you need. For more information on land surveying, contact a company like Community Sciences Corporation.


26 July 2016

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