Multiple Ways You Can Use Concrete Pavers For Your Yard

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Concrete pavers can be used for hardscaping in multiple ways so you can put them to good use for not only a driveway but much more. Below is some information about concrete pavers and two different ways you can use them for hardscaping in your yard.

Concrete Pavers

Instead of a slab of concrete, pavers are separate pieces of concrete tiles. You can choose pavers that look like brick or stone, or you can choose pavers that look like plain concrete. If you are using the pavers for a driveway, choose thick pavers as they will handle the weight of vehicles. Use thinner pavers for patios, garden pathways, etc.

You will find two different types of concrete pavers: architectural and interlocking. Architectural pavers provide aesthetics to your home, as they mimic natural stone or brick. They can easily be shaped. They are more sensitive to freezing and thawing, as well as heavy vehicles.

Interlocking concrete pavers do not offer the aesthetics and they have an oatmeal like texture. Because they are so thick, interlocking pavers cannot be shaped.

No matter which type of paver you choose, you can add a variety of different colors. You can purchase pre-colored pavers at home improvement stores or ask the concrete contractor to make a unique color for you by mixing different colors when they are mixing the concrete.

Concrete Pavers for Hardscaping

You can use architectural concrete pavers for hardscaping in many ways. If you have a beautiful garden, use them as stepping stones for a path that leads to the garden. If you have a patio with concrete flooring, replace this concrete with concrete pavers. Use different shapes, colors, and sizes to make the concrete flooring look unique.

For interlocking concrete pavers, build a fire pit in your back yard. They will hold up very well and will contain the fire for you. Put the pavers in a circular design and make the fire pit as wide and tall as you want.

Interlocking pavers also look great as a driveway edging. Simply build a slight trench on each side to set the pavers in. They would work well for a garden edging installing them in the same way. This will keep grass and weeds from growing into the garden.

Talk with a landscaper about other ways you can use the pavers for your yard. The concrete contractor may also be able to give you some ideas as they work with these pavers a lot.


3 October 2016

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