Your New Driveway Looks Great! Three Tips To Keep It Looking That Way

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Now that your new home is complete, it's time to start thinking about your maintenance list. You know, all those little details that keep your home in good condition. If you had an asphalt driveway installed for your home, you should add that to the list, as well. Asphalt is an excellent choice for residential driveways. However, to keep it in top form, you need to provide it with the proper care. Here's a quick list of suggestions that will help you protect your asphalt driveway.

Apply Sealant

Your asphalt driveway is only as good as the topcoat. The sealant protects your driveway from damage caused by the sun and rain. It also helps make clean-up easier. If your contractor didn't apply a sealant when your driveway was installed, it's important that you do that now. To maintain the protection, you should apply a fresh coat of sealant once a year. This will ensure that your driveway lasts for as long as possible.

Give It a Good Cleaning

While the sealant will protect your driveway from sun and rain damage, it won't stop it from getting dirty. Some dirt is more dangerous for your asphalt driveway than others. Things like grease, oil, and other automotive fluids can cause serious damage to your driveway, especially if they're allowed to sit for too long. To protect your driveway, you should clean spills up as soon as they occur. If your car is prone to leaks, place a drip shield under it. This will prevent engine fluids from harming your driveway.

It's also important that you give your driveway a good cleaning at least twice a year. Fill a garden sprayer with warm water and add about ¼ cup of grease-cutting dish detergent. Spray your driveway with the cleaning solution and scrub it using a push broom. Rinse your driveway with clear water and allow it to air dry.

Keep It Repaired

In addition to keeping your driveway cleaned and sealed, you should also keep it repaired. Those little cracks that develop in asphalt can quickly turn into gaping chasms if left alone. As soon as you find small cracks in your asphalt, fill them in with crack sealant. If you do develop potholes in your driveway, use asphalt patch to repair the damage. Asphalt patch is available at most home improvement stores. Fill the hole with the patch material and then drive your car over it a few times. The weight of the car will press the patch material into the hole and seal the damage.

Now that you have a new asphalt driveway, keep it looking pristine using the instructions provided here. For more information, contact local professionals like Phend & Brown.


9 March 2017

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