Allergies Won't Go Away? Clean Your Cooling System's Air Ducts

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If you experience allergy symptoms that won't go away, even after taking your prescription medication, clean your cooling system's air ducts. Air ducts can build up with dust, mites, and even mold throughout the summer. Even leftover debris from previous home remodeling and construction projects can enter your air ducts. You can find relief with the AC cleaning tips below.

Gather These Supplies

Before you do anything to your air ducts, shut down your cooling system at the circuit breaker. If there's a power supply switch in the air handler's closet, turn it off. Electrical injuries can occur during the cleaning, so safety should always come first. 

To access the air ducts, you'll need to remove the grilled covers from your air vents with a screwdriver. If the vents are located on the ceiling or a high wall, use a ladder with wide legs to access them.

Next, fill a large bucket with cool water and 2 teaspoons of dish detergent. The soapy water will help soften and break up the hard particles of dirt found inside the air ducts. You also need a long handled scrubbing brush, vacuum, and four or five drying towels.

Now, you're ready to begin.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Place one grill cover at a time inside the bucket of water to wash them. If necessary, use a smaller scrubbing brush to clean between the grates and surfaces of the grills. Remove the covers and place them aside to dry. You can direct a fan toward the grills to help accomplish this step.

Now, using your ladder, access one of your opened vents. Insert the head of your vacuum inside the vent, then clean it out thoroughly. After about 5 minutes or so, dip the head of your long handled scrubbing brush into the bucket of water, then allow the excess water to drip from it. Insert the brush inside the vent, then gently clean it. 

Dry the vent with a towel, then repeat the cleaning steps above with the rest of your vents. If the water becomes visibly dirty, replace it with fresh water and soap.

Return power to your cooling system and allow the home's temperature to reach the settings on your thermostat. You may need to wait a few days to see if your allergies improve. If they do, you successfully cleaned your air ducts. During this time, you may place an air purifier in the house to help clean the indoor environment.

If your allergy symptoms remain the same, contact an air conditioning specialist for additional help.


14 March 2017

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