The Benefits Of Choosing A Frameless Glass Enclosure For Your New Shower

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If you're adding a new bathroom to your house, you have the chance to make a beautiful and relaxing oasis. A luxury bathroom is worth the expense because it adds to the value of your home and it provides you the opportunity to pamper yourself every time you shower or bathe. One way to make your new shower more attractive is to have a frameless glass enclosure installed. Besides looking sleek and beautiful, frameless shower doors have other advantages. Here are a few.

Frameless Shower Doors Are Custom Made

You can design a shower of any size when you choose frameless doors because they are custom made. Customization is necessary since there are no rubber gaskets or aluminum edging to hold in water. The glass doors have to be the exact size of your shower opening so water doesn't leak out. When you order the enclosure, the contractor takes measurements of your shower so the glass is the right fit. This even makes it possible to have a door that is a little wider on the bottom than on the top.

Frameless Doors Are Better For Allergies

The bathroom is a paradise for mold and mildew. It is often humid and warm in the room, which is the ideal environment for mold. Plus, a traditional shower door holds water in the grooves and cracks of the gaskets and tracks. This keeps the doors moist enough to grow mildew. If you have allergy symptoms triggered by mold, this could be a big problem. You may get a stuffy nose every time you go in the bathroom unless you constantly clean and dry the space. A frameless door eliminates the problem with mildew because there is no frame to collect water that encourages mold to grow. If humidity is a concern, you can dry or squeegee the door to ensure it is dry after you shower, but you won't have to worry about constant cleaning.

Frameless Shower Enclosures Are Easy To Clean

Another problem in most bathrooms is the accumulation of soap scum. It collects in corners and valleys of the shower. One of the areas hardest hit by soap scum is the track and gaskets of a framed enclosure. It tends to accumulate in these areas because it is so time consuming and difficult to remove that it is easier to let it build up until you have time to clean the tracks. Frameless glass is much easier to keep clean. It is so quick to do; you can do it after every shower so soap scum never has a chance to build up on the glass. There is no track to accumulate scum or water, so the only thing you have to clean is the glass itself. That is easy to do since all it takes is wiping down the glass or using a squeegee to pull the water off.

A frameless glass enclosure allows you to show off your luxury shower. Plus, the doors are heavy, which makes them even more elegant. If your new bathroom will be small, a frameless enclosure can make it seem bigger since there is no clunky frame to obstruct your vision. The only drawback to a frameless enclosure is that it costs more than standard shower doors, but when you look at the benefits, the cost is worth it.

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3 April 2017

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