Deck Building Considerations To Discuss With Your Contractor

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Building a deck around your pool can make it look more attractive and provide a nice spot for laying poolside. Having the deck constructed, however, takes some work. There are certain considerations that need to be discussed with a contractor to ensure that the deck is not too expensive and will look good for a number of years. Some considerations are listed below.

Which Material Will Be the Best Choice?

The very first issue that must be discussed is which building materials will be utilized during deck construction. Aluminum, steel, wood, and vinyl are among the most popular for this purpose, but all of them have different benefits to consider.

Wood continues to be very popular because of its classic, natural appearance. However, a deck made from wood can mean dealing with a lot of maintenance tasks in the days to come. Certainly, untreated wood can rot, warp and have other problems as a result of the sun beating down on it and pool water that it comes into contact with. If you do have your heart set on wood, the surface of the deck will need to be sealed; that sealant will have to be put on again and again so that the wood stays in good-looking shape. Not only that, but even a wood deck has some metal brackets, nails and other components. These areas must be monitored to ensure that the wood around them isn't splintering or weakening, which could mean you need to have some wood replaced.

Vinyl is popular as a choice for decking because it doesn't require the same attention that wood does. As an added bonus, the vinyl you use for your deck comes in so many colors and finishes that if you choose, your deck can still look like it's made from wood. Vinyl is unlikely to be affected by water from the pool or the sun, which makes it a low-maintenance choice as well.

Can I Install a Gate?

If you have young children, you need to take special precautions to protect them in and around the pool deck. A deck can act as a barrier which stops them from getting into the pool unsupervised, but only if your deck is equipped with a gate that can locked in a way they can't breach. You might choose a lock that needs to have a code entered before it opens.

These are questions that should be discussed with a contractor before starting a pool deck. Your contractor might have additional ideas that will result in an attractive, safe deck. For more information, visit sites like


1 May 2017

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