Creative Tips For Painting An Accent Wall

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You could have contractors paint your interior rooms some shade of beige and call it done; for most rooms that may be sufficient. However, rooms such as the living room could benefit from a little more creativity. This is where an accent wall comes in. An accent wall is typically the first wall you see when you enter the room, and it may have built-in architectural features such as a fireplace or trim. Brighten up your room with creatively chosen paint for your accent wall.

Bold Color

The most common method for highlighting an accent wall is by painting it a bold color. Red is a favorite. When picking a color for this wall, you should consider the purpose of the room. Better Homes and Gardens also suggests ensuring the bold color still works within the room's décor style. Indeed, bold can mean a color with deep saturation. So, imagine a bedroom painted in an eggshell color with an accent wall of deep robin's egg blue. Other options for accent colors include bright citrus, saturated pastels or deep shades of brown or gray.

Stenciled Wall

If you want to keep your room the same color but still highlight an accent wall, consider having contractors stencil a design. Your stenciled wall can be as simple as contractors painting contrasting squares on the surface. Conversely, your stencils could feature more elaborate designs or even pictures. Stenciling works well with a darker base paint color on your walls.

Complementary Trim

Since accent walls often feature trim, you can highlight this architectural feature with paint. So, imagine you've chosen a light neutral for your whole room. However, you have a fireplace, wainscoting or other architecturally interesting trim in your room. You may choose to paint that accent wall a darker version of the neutral but keep the trim painted light. So, the trim in the rest of the room is muted, but it's highlighted on the accent wall. This effect is especially chic with modern décor.

Mixed Colors

If you're willing to get truly creative, consider mixing different colors on your accent wall. This is ideal with a bright or saturated base paint color. Contractors can paint your accent wall a complementary color then paint the trim another accent color. This works well if you use a rug, tile work or other pattern in the room as inspiration. So for example, imagine you have Mission-style tile work with terra cotta, turquoise and yellow. Perhaps your room is yellow. Have the accent wall painted terra cotta and trim painted turquoise. Such a wall is a definite conversation starter.

Add visual interest to your room with creative paint on your accent wall. For more information, contact a company like Thompson Painting.


15 May 2017

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