Are You A Bookworm Thinking About Remodeling Your Home? Ideas For You

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If you are a homeowner as well as an avid reader, you may be looking for ways to remodel your home to make it more comfortable as well as more conducive to supporting and showing off your love of reading and books. There are numerous ways that you can go about remodeling and renovating your home to do just that. However, before you hire a renovation contractor, it is important to have some fun ideas in mind for how to make your home the best place for a bookworm to live. Get to know a few of these ideas so that you can get started on your reader-friendly remodeling project as soon as possible.

Build Bookshelves Under Your Stairs

The space underneath staircases is often dead space in the home that could be put to better use in a variety of ways. As a bookworm, you likely have an extensive literary collection, and one of the easiest and best ways to make your home more conducive to your love of books is to put built-in bookshelves under the stairs in your home.

Essentially, the area under your stairs would go from a walled off empty space into a place to store your book collection. The shelves can be designed flush to the plane of the wall so they extend back into that empty space under your stairs. This will help you to better use that otherwise empty space, as well as eliminate the need for standalone bookcases in your home. Doing so will free up space throughout your home.

Put In a Hidden Reading Room

If you love to escape into a great book, you may also find yourself always looking for a quiet spot to get away and dive into those books. In a busy house full of family members, friends coming and going, and everyone's activities and chatter, it can be tough to find that perfect place to escape.

Therefore, you may want to put a hidden room in your home. In a home remodeling project, this would likely mean making one of the rooms in your home smaller (like a large great room or family room) by putting in a new wall to divide the two spaces. However, instead of having a standard doorway or entryway between the two rooms, you would put in a full wall with a hidden door.

You could choose to tuck the door behind a built-in bookcase with a trick book that acts as a latch to open the door, or it can simply be a normal looking wall panel that has a hidden latch. The reading nook or room can be as cozy or spacious as you would like with the best reading chairs and couches to help you get comfortable and delve into the world of whatever book you are currently reading.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can remodel your home to make it more bookworm-friendly. Use them as your starting off point, and you will soon have your renovation contractor busily creating a home that is an avid reader's dream come true.

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15 June 2017

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