How To Make Vinyl Windows Slide Better

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Vinyl windows have replaced aluminum and wood windows for their durability and easy care. However you may find them not sliding as easily, which often happens at inconvenient times., Squeaking usually indicates the window is close to getting stuck.

 Don't postpone fixing a window that doesn't' slide easily, or it may stick completely. Make a vinyl window slide easier by following these steps.

Prepare to Fix the Window

To fix the vinyl window, gather:

  • plastic gloves
  • soft cloths
  • vacuum 
  • soft bristle brush
  • liquid dish soap
  • white vinegar
  • spray silicone

Check the weather stripping on the window to ensure it hasn't peeled  or cracked. Weather stripping that doubled over can also inhibit sliding.

Clean the Window Track 

Shut the window, and use a soft cloth to wipe along the window track, the sill, and the trim to remove debris. Open the window to clean the window parts you couldn't reach with the window shut. 

To clean horizontal window tracks, raise the sash at the base to unlock the compression springs. Use the bristle brush to remove stuck dirt, and vacuum to finish removing other debris.  Avoid using razor blades or other abrasive objects and cleaners that may damage the tracks.

Mix several drops of dish soap in water in a spray bottle, and mist the window sill, trim, and track. Dip a clean brush or rag in the mixture, and scrub the dirt. 

If you find mold, don't touch it with bare hands. Put on gloves, mix one and one-half cups of vinegar in a gallon of hot water, then scrub the mold with the brush. Dip a cloth in clear water, rinse the solution, then pat the track dry with a cloth..

Lubricate the Window

You may also use furniture grade wax or a bar of soap as a lubricant, but wax is better, since it won't dissolve in water. Rub the soap or wax along the window tracks. 

To use silicone spray, Mist silicone spray on a clean rag folded in half. Never spray lubricant on the sill as it may get on the glass. Open the window, and wipe along the track grooves and outside the panes, on windows that tilt. 

Reinstall the window parts, then raise and lower the window several times to spread the oil. If you spill oil on the glass, use a water-based cleaner and clean cloth to remove it. Oil-based cleaners won't last, and they often turn the vinyl yellow. Raise the window, and clean the rest of the track. 


1 December 2017

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