Large Commercial Garage Doors: Issues To Consider


With large commercial garage doors on your company's warehouse, you may be inclined to treat them similarly to your home's garage door. That is, you may simply assume that they will continue functioning without much maintenance or involvement from you. In addition, you may not be at all knowledgeable about ways to enhance your experience and avoid pests with such large bay doors. Consider these door issues and adjust your behavior accordingly.

1-Metal Components Can Fail

With so much opening and closing of the doors each day, it's possible that the metal components of your doors can be affected. While you might not be able to fix a problem before it occurs, you can take steps to prevent door problems.

For example, you can lubricate metal components regularly to ensure that the garage door can smoothly open or close. You can monitor the track, springs and other parts of the door to ensure that they're not broken, bent or rusted. You and employees can listen for any grating or squealing sounds. If you're unsure about the health of your commercial garage doors, it's vital that you ask a contractor for an assessment before anything breaks.

2-Pests Can Infiltrate the Building Through Doors

Another issue to keep on your mind if you'd like to preserve the commercial garage doors and your entire building is pest infiltration. Insects, rodents and other pests are not always stopped by doors. For example, one of your garage doors could have a small hole in it from constant use. You may think about it rarely, but that can be an easy way for pests to enter. In fact, it's entirely possible that they will scratch or tear small holes open larger to accommodate them. Therefore, make it a point to address even tiny holes or small gaps right away.

Even when the doors aren't being used, your workers may leave them open for air circulation or additional light. This may at first seem acceptable, but with open doors all day long, pests can scurry in or out at any time. Roll away screens are the best solution for this issue.

Commercial garage doors don't need much maintenance or attention, but you do need to remember these issues. Preserve the doors and work with your employees to notice and alert supervisors quickly if something seems wrong. Garage door contractors can check the doors and resolve problems too


3 May 2018

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