4 Tips To Help Remove Water Damaged Materials And Cleanup For Renovations

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There is a lot of work involved in cleaning up water damage to RVs from floods, plumbing problems, and other causes. When your RV has been exposed to flood waters, removing the interior materials quickly will help prevent problems like mold and rotted woodwork. Here are the steps that you will need to take to remove water damage and clean up to get ready for your Air Stream RV restorations.

1. Removing Sediments and Contamination When You Begin Cleaning Up

There may be sediments that have collected in your Air Stream RV during a flood. It is important to remove any sediments and contamination before you begin with the removal of water damaged materials. Remove any mud or other sediment materials before you begin removing the other materials that have been damaged.

2. Flooring Materials That Need Removal or Restoration

There are many different types of flooring materials that can be damaged when your Air Stream RV is flooded. These materials include things like carpet and wood flooring, which often need to be removed during the process of restoration. Materials like tile and laminate flooring may need to be thoroughly cleaned and restored after being exposed to flood waters.

3. Woodwork in Your Air Stream RV 

The woodwork in your Air Stream RV can be damaged easily when it is exposed to water. Some wood will need to be removed, while other materials will just need to be restored. There are some materials there may be more damage to the others, which includes interior materials like the wood fibers of modern RV cabinets. Wood materials like wood trim may be swollen when exposed to the floodwaters but can sometimes be dried out and reused. Any materials that are exposed to contamination will need to be thrown out before you start doing restoration work to your Air Stream RV.

4. Removing and Restoring Mechanical Installations 

The mechanical systems are often an area that gets overlooked when doing water damage restoration. Some of the mechanical systems in your Air Stream RV are vulnerable to a serious damage when they are exposed to water. Therefore, you may need to remove things like insulated ductwork, electrical outlets, and other mechanical materials that were damaged when your Air Stream RV was flooded.

Getting a good head start on cleaning up the water damage will ensure problems do not come back to haunt you later. If you need help with cleaning up after a flood or completing the repairs to your Air Stream RV, contact a professional RV restoration service, such as Innovative Spaces, and talk to them about getting started.


10 December 2018

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