Got An Extended Construction Project? Rent A Separate Dumpster For Food Waste

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Long-term construction projects that require renting dumpsters that will sit on your property pose an interesting question. What are the workers supposed to do with the food waste from their lunches and breaks? They can't throw it in the main dumpster because that can pose more problems than it solves. But they can throw it in a smaller, dedicated dumpster as long as you handle the situation correctly. That means ensuring everyone wraps up their food waste securely and that you are willing to have the dumpsters emptied out more often.

Simplify Trash Management

Most construction sites will have traditional trash cans in addition to dumpsters. If those are on-site, of course they could be a better choice for disposing of food waste. But if you're in a remote area, and the only trash service currently is the dumpster rental that you arrange, then you need to make separate arrangements for food waste.

Avoid Pests and Odors

You can't dump food waste into a dumpster that likely isn't going to be emptied for a week or two. Even if the food were wrapped up, the food would rot, attract pests, and give off odors that would eventually seep out of any bags the food was in. Plus, it would develop mold that could damage the dumpster, or at least make it harder to clean out for the next customer who rents it. And worst of all, if one of the food bags were to open, it could contaminate construction waste that would otherwise have been recyclable.

Ask for Different Pickup Schedules

One solution is to rent a smaller dumpster that could be used solely for food. It would separate the food from the construction waste, and you could arrange for a more frequent pickup schedule for the smaller dumpster. Food that is wrapped up could be OK for a couple of days, but not the week or two that a concrete waste dumpster might sit. Think of the dumpsters at apartment buildings that get emptied once a week. They can get pretty ripe. You don't want that happening at your construction site.

You can call a dumpster rental service to see what they have on offer for smaller containers. You may have to set up a separate contract for the smaller dumpster if you want a different pickup schedule, but the company can work that out with you when you choose a size.


23 January 2019

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