3 Tips For Maintaining Your Well Water System

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If you depend on a well water system to provide your household with clean drinking water, it's important to make sure that you complete the recommended maintenance tasks. Doing so helps ensure that your family has access to clean, untainted water. Here are a few tips to follow to properly maintain your well water system.

1. Have the Water Tested at Least Once a Year

It's essential to have the water from your well tested at least once a year. Regular testing of the water will identify any concerning contaminants, like bacteria, nitrates, radon, and arsenic. 

If your family suffers from repeated bouts of gastrointestinal illness, you may want to have the water tested more frequently. Well water can harbor problematic viruses, especially if the well is located in an area prone to flooding with a non-functioning sewer or septic tank.

Should you notice a change in your water's color or odor, have the water tested as soon as possible. Your family may still be growing; if you decide to have or adopt a baby, it's a smart idea to have the water tested before using it to mix baby formula.

2. Never Dispose of Chemicals Near Your Well

If you need to get rid of household chemicals, like cleaning agents, paint, or fertilizer, make sure that you never dispose of them near your well. They can leach into the water that feeds into your well, contaminating your family's drinking water. Instead, dispose of the chemicals at an appropriate waste or recycling facility.

3. Have a Professional Service Your Well on a Yearly Basis

A little bit of prevention goes a long way when it comes to maximizing the lifespan of your well. It's important to detect a seemingly minor issue before it becomes a larger problem that potentially sacrifices the integrity of your well. Make sure that you hire a licensed contractor for any well maintenance or repairs. 

Your contractor should inspect all of the mechanical components of your well to make sure it they are pumping and moving water properly. They should also meet any local codes or laws for your area.

The inspection needs to include the cover on the well to see that it properly fits the well and is structurally sound. A properly-fitting well cover is vital to prevent kids, animals, and other individuals from accessing your wall and inadvertently falling into it.

A professional contractor can also check for any contamination risks located near your well. Identifying these risks can prevent your water from becoming contaminated. 


8 March 2019

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