Basement Waterproofing Services That Keep Your Basement Dry When Hydrostatic Pressure Is A Problem

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Water gets in your basement for a number of reasons. Whatever causes it, a wet basement can be a major annoyance since it makes your home smell musty and it ruins the things you have stored in the space. Hydrostatic pressure from water in the soil is one cause of a leaky basement. This pressure can drive water through the walls and floor of your basement, and it's even made worse when cracks develop. Here's a look at how a waterproofing contractor might deal with this problem.

Fill In Cracks

Filling in cracks can block the leaking and in some cases it might eliminate the problem of your wet basement. Expanding foam is often used for this because when it's injected into a crack in the wall, the foam expands until it fills the crack and seals it. The foam gets hard and blocks water from coming in the cracks. Foam injections won't do anything to relieve the hydrostatic pressure, however. While water stops leaking through the cracks, it will probably find another way in unless the pressure is relieved. However, even if repairing the cracks doesn't stop all the water, you'll probably want them filled so they don't affect the appearance of your basement, and so you won't have cracks in your foundation.

Put In Drains

One way to avoid further problems with hydrostatic pressure is to put drains in the floors. Then, when the pressure pushes water through the soil, the water falls into the drains rather than spill on the floor. These drains are installed under the foundation so the contractor needs to dig small trenches in your foundation to reach the soil below. Once the drains are in place, they're covered up so they aren't an eyesore. The water collected by the drains flows into a small well with a sump pump. When the well is full enough, the pump cycles on and pushes the water outside and away from your foundation.

One good thing about this method of basement waterproofing is that water is caught and sent to the well before it can do any damage in your basement. This makes an interior drain system a good choice for waterproofing when you want to finish your basement and make sure it stays dry.

Other basement waterproofing services might include painting the interior walls with waterproof coating, applying a waterproof membrane to exterior walls, or installing a drain system outside of your house. Your waterproofing contractor will choose the best way to deal with hydrostatic pressure so your basement stays dry.

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5 June 2019

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