Are You Designing Your Own House?

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Is your dream of having the house you have always wanted coming true? Maybe you and your spouse have searched for existing houses by yourselves, both on the computer and with a realtor. You probably saw many houses that you liked. But, you just didn't like them well enough to live in for many years, and maybe even for the rest of your lives. 

Do you already have a detailed plan of what you want in your custom home? If that's not the case, from putting your ideas on paper to meeting with a custom home builder, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Start With An Accordion Folder 

Think of buying an accordion folder so that you can keep all of your ideas in one place. For example, maybe you have done a rough sketch of the kind of fireplace you want in your living room. Maybe you have seen a picture of a patio you like. Cut that out and file it in the accordion folder. Write down your ideas, too. For example, perhaps you have been thinking that you'd like to combine an entertainment room with an at-home library. Write that idea down. 

Think of visiting model homes in your town or city. You may not be comfortable taking pictures in each room, but you might easily be able to write down notes of things you liked. For example, perhaps you admired the open feeling of having a combination family room and kitchen. Perhaps you liked the feature of having your master bedroom downstairs and the kid's bedrooms upstairs. Make a note of that, too. 

Meet With A Custom Home Builder 

After you have compiled all of your ideas and the ideas your spouse has given you, it will be time to meet with a custom home builder

The custom home builder will have the training and the experience to bring all of your ideas together to make them work for you. In addition, he or she will bring new ideas into the picture. For example, if you want the kitchen and the family room to be one open space, the home builder might recommend that you have an attractive archway that divides the two rooms visually. 

As you and your home builder meet, be sure that you are on the same page with the work that will be done. For example, make sure that he or she knows which bedrooms each of your children will have. Later on, that might be very important. 


15 July 2019

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When was the last time you really looked at your roof? I had no idea how important yearly inspections of my roof was until I found myself footing the bill for a full roof replacement and interior ceiling replacement. Since then, I have learned how to inspect my own roof twice each year. I always inspect it each spring after the harsh winter elements have gone away and again in the fall before winter weather sets in. You can use the information compiled on my website to inspect the roof on your home and make the small repairs that will save you from full roof replacement.