Hiring An Excavation Service? Learn All The Services They Can Offer You

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If you are having an excavation service to help you, you should learn all the services they can offer you. This way you know you can ask them for this type of help while they are on your property. Keep reading to learn about three services.

Clear Land

Clearing land is done before the excavation is begun. The excavation company uses a variety of equipment and trucks to remove the land of trees, the tree stumps, and tree roots. The company will also strip the land of all undergrowth and any shrubs. They can also remove anything else that may be growing on the land.

If there are any type of old buildings, such as an old shed, the excavation company can likely remove the building also. They may not tear it down, however, but can remove the wood and other materials that are left behind.

Build a Trench

In some cases, trenches are required when excavating land. These trenches will help with water drainage if there is a bad slope on the land. Once the trench is dug this will divert water to another area of the property where the water can easily drain to a safe area. Trenches are also dug to install sewer drains or drain pipes, as well as water lines. If the trench was dug for things like plumbing and water lines, the excavation will cover the trench with soil once these things are placed in the trench. The company will then tamp the soil down so it is completely level with the surface of the land.

Prepare Land for Residential Properties

If you are planning to build a new home, an excavation company can prepare the land for the home's foundation, as well as a basement if you are also adding a basement to the home. Once the land is dug to the right depth, the excavation company will make sure the soil is compacted so the soil can withstand the weight of the home.

The excavation company can also prepare land if you are having a new driveway installed, especially if the driveway is very long and large.  This does require using heavy equipment on your property so the company will ensure they do not cause damage to your property.

Talk with the land excavating service that you hire to learn much more about these services, as well as other services they can provide for you.


8 October 2019

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