3 Demolition Methods

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While you might think of big, flashy explosions and implosions when you think about building demolition, those aren't the only choices that a demo company has to tear down buildings. In fact, in some situations, explosives aren't even the best choice. That's why it's good that there are so many other choices when it comes to demolitions.

Manual Demolitions

One demo choice is manual demo work. This kind of demolition is generally done on small jobs and in remodeling jobs. These jobs are usually done with things like sledgehammers, possibly jackhammers, and often a lot of elbow grease. This would be a good choice for things like tearing down a shed or clearing out a bathroom before it gets a remodel done on it. If you need to have demolitions like this, you may not need to hire a dedicated demolition company. A general contractor can help you with that.

Bulldozer Demolitions

Another option is to use something like a bulldozer or excavator to take down the building. This is usually used on things like houses and smaller shops and buildings that aren't really tall and aren't going to need to have a lot of interior work in order to undermine the building so that it can be taken down. Of course, the interior will still have to be gutted before the building gets completely taken down, but the loadbearing walls don't have to be cut away or destroyed completely in order to knock over the building.

Wrecking Ball Demolitions

A wrecking ball is an extremely heavy ball of metal or concrete enclosed by metal. They are usually suspended from a crane, and they act as a pendulum. That swinging motion gives the wrecking ball some kinetic energy and gives the weight and power of the ball a boost, letting it do more damage as it hits the building. It may take several hits to bring down a wall, and it can be a long process and leave quite a mess. The interior will have to be undermined so that the ball can do its job, and when the building is mostly knocked down, other equipment like bulldozers may be involved in order to bring everything down.

Demolitions using explosives are a lot of fun to look at, at least from the right distance. They just aren't the only demolition choice and aren't the right choice for a lot of jobs.

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6 March 2020

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