Hail Damage And Your Roof: The Basics Every Homeowner Should Know

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Strong storms can be damaging to your home's roof. Hail storms, in particular, are known for causing damage. If you've just experienced your first hail storm as a homeowner, it's important that you evaluate your roof for damage. Sometimes, hail storms cause obvious signs of problems, like blatant leaks or piles of loose shingle granules along your gutters. Since most hail damage isn't as easily visible from the ground, you'll need to take a closer look at your roof's condition.

23 December 2015

5 Specialty Tools For Home Appliance Repair

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When major appliances need small repairs or maintenance work, you might save money by doing the job yourself, provided you are adept at doing this type of work. If you are a do-it-yourself handyman, it's a good idea to have some basic and unusual specialty tools on hand for appliance repair. Some specialty tools are obvious, such as ratchet sets and standard pliers, but others are a bit more detailed and can help you do the job more efficiently.

11 December 2015

Dealing With A Faulty Elevator In A New York Apartment Complex: Advice For Tenants

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If you live in a large apartment building in New York City, you may rely on the elevator to get access to your home. The occasional fault with an elevator is annoying, but ongoing issues can ruin your quality of life, particularly if you have special needs. If the elevator in your New York apartment block is always faulty, find out what you can do to about the problem. Landlords' Legal Responsibilities

19 November 2015

4 Benefits Of Having Metal Roofing Installed

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One of the most dreaded pieces of news a homeowner can receive is that the roof needs major repairs -- or worse, that it needs to be replaced altogether. If your roof is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, you may be better off having it replaced altogether than patching it together on an as-needed basis. Selecting the right roofing materials ensures a problem-free roof for decades, so if it's time to put that old roof out to pasture, consider replacing it with metal.

28 October 2015

Creative Ways To Freshen, Revive & Learn To Love Old Chain Link Fencing


Chain link fencing has been trusted for years as a great way to keep kids and pets confined, protect property and fence off unsafe areas, such as swimming pools. However, even though it still may be functional,  chain link that has been in use for decades can look tired, weather-beaten and just plain boring. If you have chain link fencing at your home and would like to give it a makeover, the following creative ideas can help.

25 September 2015

Where Is Your Water Going - Three Options For Terminating Your French Drain

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If areas of your property are at lower elevations than other surrounding properties, you may find that any excessive water tends to run your way. If the water runs toward your foundation, it could leave you with a wet basement, or it can even cause substantial damage to your home's foundation. You can fix this problem by installing a french drain. Finding the starting point of your drain is easy, but deciding where to reroute the excessive water to can be difficult.

15 September 2015

What Is Roof Flashing And Why Do I Need It?

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You might not know it, but flashing is readily seen from basically anywhere on the exterior of the house. The foundation, the porch, etc. Essentially, wherever you see one material meeting another material on the exterior of your house, you will find flashing. However, the most important area where you will need flashing is the roof. Throughout the course of this guide, you will learn what roof flashing is and why you absolutely need it, learn what properly installed flashing looks like, as well as the problems with improper flashing and when the best time to replace flashing is.

1 September 2015

Polypropylene And Wire Sweeper Brushes - What They Are And When You Should Use Them

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If you have recently started working as a street sweeper at a place like USA Services of Florida, then your street sweeping machine is absolutely imperative to your job, and so are the brushes you attach to it. While the street sweeper you have likely has brushes already added to it, you may need to place different varieties on your machine from time to time. Different brushes are right for different types of cleaning situations, so keep reading to learn more about street sweeping brushes and when they should be used on your machine.

14 August 2015

The 4 Most Common Electrical Issues In Older Homes

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Older homes were built to very different standards than the modern homes being built today. As we become increasingly dependent on electrical devices and appliances, older homes struggle to carry the electrical load we now demand. Addressing electrical issues in your old home may not be something you want to put much thought into, but it's something you should consider—not only because it'll save you the inconvenience of having to deal with sudden power outages, but also because it can save you and your loved ones from being seriously injured from electrical shocks, or even death.

28 July 2015

3 Tree Trimming Mistakes & Why They Are So Bad

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Tree trimming is something that many homeowners do themselves—after all, how hard can it be to cut back a few branches when the tree is getting out of hand? However, tree trimming is actually quite complex, and those who undertake their own trimming can often do more harm to their tree than good. Here are some of the most common tree trimming mistakes that people make when doing DIY trimming and why they are so bad for the health and growth of your tree.

14 July 2015